Further services: Hypnotic therapy

Our subconscious mind determines at least 70 per cent of all events in our lives; only 30 per cent are affected by our own will. Hypnosis helps to make our subconscious mind a partner in thinking positively. The subconscious mind of every human being is striving to make their wishful thinking real. We often experience the strength of our subconscious mind. If we try to get rid of some restlessness by thinking “I do not want that!” it will get stronger, meaning that our negative 70 per cent are stronger. Here it is important to transform our wishful thinking by therapy for example into the thought “I am completely calm.”

With this therapy we can influence all organs of the human body. Also the activity of muscles or nerves as well as feelings and our emotional life can be positively influenced. Positive patterns of behaviour can be fixed in the subconscious mind by trance and help to heal in case of trauma, fear or addiction (nicotine, alcohol, drugs etc.).

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